Trevor is a great photographer. Having a photographer who can offer you direction and suggestions from behind the camera is really beneficial. Before you know it, you will feel more comfortable and be having fun getting your portrait taken. It isn’t easy at first, but trust us the more fun you are having and the more comfortable you get with us as your session is underway, before you know it you will really enjoy not only the time during your session, but the ultimate amazing senior portraits that will soon be yours!

Watch a full senior photography session:

When it comes to style, simplicity, in most cases, is best.

★ CLOTHES are an expression of your personality! When choosing what to wear, consider that YOU should be the focal point of the portrait. Select clothing that is simple, natural, comfortable, and not distracting. With the exception of letterman jackets, uniforms, or other specialized outfits, remember simplicity is the best choice to highlight YOU.  Darker, solid colors photograph best. Avoid logos and loud patterns that may overpower you.

★ Go with solid colors or subtle prints. Stripes, plaid, and other busy patterns draw attention to your clothes. Not you.

★ Pick clothes that match your location, prop, and the season.

★ Bring clothing on hangers. No wrinkles.

★ Wear 3/4 length or long sleeves. Exposed skin can compete for attention with the face.

★ ACCESSORIES are great for some creative photos. Bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are fun to play with and try different looks. Bring a scarf, hat, tie, or jacket to tweak your outfit. Remember, don’t be shy about dressing up a bit.

★ SHOES: Don’t let your shoes take over. We recommend shoes such as Vans, casual dress shoes, or shoes that enhance your style. No bulky, white sneaker soles unless purposeful to your outfit.

★ HAIRSTYLE: Don’t try a new hairstyle right before your senior pictures. How do you normally wear your style? How do your friends recognize you? These photos are not the time to try a new trend or look. Keep them timeless with a look that is you. If you normally wear your hair curly, don’t straighten it. This is not the time to try a “special occasion” look.

★ GLASSES can cause glare and distortion in photos. You may want to remove the lenses from your frame or get a set of empty frames in a style you like and are comfortable wearing. Remember to bring sunglasses on sunny days.

★ MAKE-UP accentuates your best features, especially eyes, so have fun with it. Beware of too much and too thick that may produce a look that is not you. Make-up can cover fine lines, blemishes, and scars, but use it sparingly.  We do offer “print-ready” touch-ups at no extra fee to make you picture perfect.  Removing braces, glasses glare, and tattoos, or adding other major enhancements may incur an additional retouching fee.

★ BODY TAN lines that are exposed should be avoided by the way your clothing falls. Avoid face tanning for the benefit of your portraits. A bit of makeup may give more controlled results.

★ PROPS: Bring something that’s you. Something that reflects your style and interests.

(i.e. if  you play an instrument, bring it along. Bring along something that is  representative of the sport you play or a hobby you are interested in. A fun clothing idea: look in attics, thrift stores, family closets for something unique to wear).

★ If you’re concerned with weight here’s some tips:

Don’t wear: baggy or light colored jeans, sleeveless dresses or tight and/or short sleeve or short t-shirts. Contrasty outfits, such as a light top and dark skirt emphasis your waistline.