It’s finally time for your high school senior photo session! Deciding what to wear can sometimes be intimidating. Here are some tips for selecting outfits to help you shine.

Tip #1 – Your Outfit Should Represent You

Senior portraits are essentially a glimpse of your high school years. If you are an outdoorsy teenager, would you want to look back on your senior pictures in ten years to see you in a stuffy suit? We recommend that you wear clothing that represents your own unique style.


Tip #2 – Bring Multiple Outfits

To make the most our of your session, we suggest that you bring a few different outfit choices. Having multiple outfits ensures variety throughout your session (Bonus: different outfits will make it look like you have been modeling for days if you post on your Instagram). One outfit could be a cute and casual outfit, and another outfit could be representative of your interest and hobbies. Pictured below is a great example of a senior bringing props and wearing clothing that reflects his love for baseball. Sports attire or uniforms make great additions to senior sessions!

Tip #3 – Accessorize!

Have fun and spice up your outfits, bring along scarves, hats, jewelry, or a cute jacket to your shoot. This creates a little bit more variety with your photo shoot. Accessories can help you feel comfortable and generate playful candid photos.

Tip #4 – Don’t Get Too Matchy-Matchy 

Start gathering your favorite outfits, not what you think you should wear. As we all know wearing a striped shirt and polka-dot pants not only appears overwhelming, but also distracts from your beautiful face (which should be the subject of the photoshoot). On the other hand, if you try to match too much, that leaves little of interest when looking through your poses. Remember the outfit will enhance you!

Tip #5 – Wear Clothing That You Are Comfortable In

Imagine the outfit that you would want to rock on the first day of school, or to impress your crush. Chances are, it’s an outfit that you know you look good in– and isn’t too casual or too formal. Try to bring oufiits that you feel the most confident in, because that confidence will make the shoot much more enjoyable, and translate into your photos. If you went shopping specifically for your senior portrait clothing, make sure to have worn these clothes before the shoot  to ensure a good fit and comfort!