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Your Photography Session with Johnstone Studios

Will be an enjoyable experience to create family and personal memories. You will be impressed at how comfortable, professional, and fun working with our team is.
We are a full service portrait studio that offers a variety of print products; including high quality canvas, modern metal, fine art prints, and digital packages. The time you invest with Johnstone Studios will become a cherished memory and might even become a tradition!
Your session fee always includes:

Pre Consultation

Visit our studio, talk with our studio coordinator and photographers, and design a custom experience for your session.

Photography Session

Enjoy working with experienced photographers who will guide you through your session. Considerations on perfect lighting, great backdrops, and relaxed poses will flow naturally as you have fun creating beautiful images.

Ordering Appointment

You will enjoy a slideshow of your session and collaborate with our Image Consultant in design, picking favorite images, and final product selection. Think of this as a hands-on approach to design your art installation.

The Art of Print

Do you enjoy looking at old photographs of your family? Maybe your parent’s wedding photo or a photo of you as a toddler with your siblings vacationing in Lake Tahoe… There is a certain feel, even a smell, that evokes memories of these lost moments when looking at a printed photograph. In 50 years, the memories captured today will someday become cherished old photographs. Or will they… Will digital images outlast time? Here at Johnstone Studios we believe in the Art of Print. With digital media being captured and downloaded at a record pace it is getting harder and harder to keep track of favorite images.

Images of our sleepy babies, our rambunctious children, our handsome husbands… Remember those beautiful pregnancy photos… have you looked at them lately? Where do you keep your favorite photos? Are significant images displayed in your home? Are you able to catalog and organize your images on your computer, camera, and phone? Consider the option of digital or print packages.

Decide what is important to you from this photography session – is it to maximize the number of images captured, or to create a lasting memory that can be looked at everyday. If the later, you may consider the Art of Print for your family memories, and proudly display them in your home.

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