Heavenly Lake Tahoe Destination Summer Wedding

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Heavenly Ski Resort located on the south shore of Lake Tahoe is called “Heavenly” for a reason. Boasting one of the largest ski-resorts in the Sierra Nevada’s and in summer a host to destination Lake Tahoe weddings set atop a mountain peak 9,000 feet above Lake Tahoe, creating a stunning backdrop for a Lake Tahoe wedding ceremony and reception. The Heavenly resort wedding package includes an attentive and detailed catering and event staff and the most wonderful onsite wedding coordinator, Lizzy Ring, who worked tirelessly to ensure all wedding events went as smoothly as possible. The breathtaking views afforded guests during the gondola ride to the top made this destination wedding at Heavenly’s Lakeview Lodge everything newlyweds Chris and Jessica could have hoped for.


The Heavenly Lakeview Lodge with a wall of windows overlooking the expansive views of Lake Tahoe is an open canvas for wedding couples to add in their own details. Bride Jessica’s incredible DIY touches included bright yellow sunflowers in mason jars that created a summery organic accent for every guest table with custom wedding favors handcrafted from motorcycle parts by the bride and groom added a unique and personal touch. Rather than a traditional guest book, Jessica and Chris who love to visit Lake Tahoe during the winter months had a snowboard for their wedding guests to sign. A custom metal cake topper (sporting the wedding date and a silhouette of the couple leaning against a motorcycle, with their pups sitting nearby) sat atop a Lake Tahoe themed cake artfully crafted by Witt’s Cakes.


The Bride and bridesmaids began the day of wedding festivities with a visit to Salon Be located in South Lake Tahoe, while photographers from Johnstone Studios began with detail photos at Lakeview Lodge. The bride’s royal blue shoes from Manolo Blahnik were reminiscent of the traditional saying, “Something borrowed, something blue,” and were beautifully prominent amidst her flowing white Casablanca gown.

As the guests arrived to Heavenly Resort and enjoyed a scenic gondola ride leaving them breathless with panoramic views of Lake Tahoe, the wedding party prepared for a mountain top wedding ceremony exchange on top of a cobblestone deck resting beneath the beautiful white arch; blue skies with puffy white clouds complimented an already beautiful ceremony site. As the bride and groom exchanged their vows, the groom Chris dramatically dipped Jessica for their first kiss to celebrate the exchange of vows and the couple incorporated a very personalized ceremonious boxing of a bottle of wine and hand-written letters to each other to be opened on the night of their first anniversary. The wooden box was crafted by the groom.

The outdoor cocktail hour was enjoyed by all their guests who marveled at the panoramic lake views below. Guest conversations overheard included exclamations of how perfect the weather and weekend had been, how exclusive and private the venue was, and how this destination wedding was a weekend to remember. During the toasts, the maid of honor thanked everyone for coming to gather at this destination selected by the bride and groom. She would describe the not-so-typical love story between the newlyweds: how Chris, on his motorcycle, followed Jessica after she had left work and signaled for her to pull over, and she did, as fate had planned it. And from there a conversation became a date, and a date became a relationship, and twelve years later, they would find themselves promising to one another a lifetime commitment with the ceremonious ring exchange.


After a delicious buffet dinner and champagne toast, Chris and Jessica elegantly danced to a soulful, instrumental song. Shortly thereafter, DJ David Berkman opened the floor for all to dance creating a lively party with classic songs to upbeat jams; his expertise in the line up of songs set the tone for a fun night. Chris and Jessica’s wedding only grew more beautiful as the evening set in. As the sun began to sink, photographers from Johnstone Studios stole the newlyweds away for a few intimate bridal photographs. The orange and pink hues of the sunset reflected off the lake, silhouetting the pine trees and immersing the bride and groom in an ethereal, picture-perfect scene.


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Beach Wedding Shoes

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Choose the Best Shoes for Your Beach Wedding

If you’re headed to the beach to say “I Do”, you may have already embraced the simple and sophisticated approach to weddings. It’s possible that the feeling of sand between your toes is one of the main reasons you’ve chosen the waves as your backdrop and the seagulls as your musicians.
While you may want to forego your favorite heels to avoid sinking into the sand, does that mean you don’t get to rock killer shoes on your wedding day? Of course not! In fact, your seaside celebration opens you up to a number of exciting and attractive options.

Bare or Barely There?

Stepping into the sand is traditionally a barefoot adventure. Couples and their bridal parties often plan to kick off their flip-flops and process au natural. Most beach bridal gowns and beach bridesmaid dresses.are shorter in length and easy to manage in the sand, and many men choose either linen suits or shorts and button down shirts making their walk on the sand stress-free too.

If your sense of style demands a little more décor, however, beach wedding sandals are available in everything from simple economy versions to high-end high fashion pairs. These “sandals” are really a variation on a theme – they have no soles but wrap delicately through your toes and around your ankles and give the strappy appearance of wearing pretty wedding-worthy shoes.

Of course, some beaches are rockier than others, and some feet are more sensitive, so you can also consider elegant slip on flats in dozens of styles, or even lacy wedding flats if you really want protection for sensitive soles.

After the ceremony, pick the shoe that best complements your dress. Often a wide-soled, strappy wedge heel gives you the leg-flattering height of a traditional heel with the stability you’ll want on more uneven terrain.

The Wedding Party

The wedding party will certainly need something to help them transition from the sandy ceremony to dinner and dancing too. Men often choose a sturdy, thicker soled sandal for the evening while ladies in their perfect beach bridesmaid dresses have similar choices to the bride, with a wider selection of colors. The flooring and footing at your reception venue might open up additional options and allow more traditional heels. Find out what the terrain will be like before you commit.

Remember Your Guests!

There is nothing more hospitable than ensuring your guests are comfortable during your exchange of vows. Provide a basket of flip-flop style slip-on sandals in various sizes that your guests can raid when they arrive. If your ceremony is being held in a cooler beach region, you might pair these with baskets of lovely pashminas to keep the ladies warm during your vows and perhaps during dinner. In warmer climes, offer pretty paper fans, ice cold bottles of water and perhaps even paper parasols in your wedding colors to ward off the sun’s harsher rays.

You might also choose to follow celebrity wedding planner Colin Cowie’s lead and create an attractive shoe drop station so your guests can spend some barefoot time in the sand. A pail of clean soft-bristled paintbrushes can serve as the perfect “de-sanding station” as guests leave the beach to wander towards the reception.

Don’t feel compelled to give up your serious shoe style for your beach wedding. Instead, adapt to the elements and open your heart to sandals, slip-ons and wedges you can only wear to the beach!

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Photo Jewelry and Accessories

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