Reno Pet Photography – Hank & Remington

by Kayla on June 19, 2014, no comments

Our pet photography session in Reno with Hank & Remington from On Command Dog Boarding, Grooming, Training and Daycare was a great time. The boys were very good listeners! Working with their owners we were able to capture these great pet photos.  I swear Remington and Hank are smiling! We are posting a photo of the portrait installation we have displayed in the lobby of On Command. These images are printed on wood, which is just one of the many fun ways we offer to display pet portraits!

Call us today to book your pet photography session either outdoors or in our studio   775.722.8647
oncommand-2 oncommand-3 oncommand-4 oncommand-5 oncommand-6 oncommand-7 oncommand-8photo

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Limited Edition – May Flowers Children’s Photography Session

by Kayla on May 14, 2014, no comments

Celebrate Spring!

Johnstone Studios has some great locations that include beautiful greenery and wildflowers, playful and candid family portrait sessions, and colorful children’s photo sessions. Take advantage of our Spring specials, including our Limited Edition children’s outdoor wildflower photography session which includes a portrait session for your child PLUS an 8×10 print for only $99. Don’t let this opportunity for Spring photos pass by, as these sessions are only available for a few weeks in late May through June. We also encourage families to take advantage of our Spring Family Portrait Sessions at a beautiful outdoor location while enjoying the warm weather!!

Call the studio to book one of our Reno Children’s or Family Portrait Session today!   775.722.8647



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Mother’s Day Portrait Session Giveaway

by Kayla on April 29, 2014, 3 comments

Is your mom the best mom?

Share your story with us! Tell us about your favorite mom moment, or wonderful mother you know, and share your favorite story on our blog. Scroll down for more details! Let’s spread the love this Mother’s Day and share our special stories….



momHow to enter our Mother’s Day Portrait Session Giveaway: By sharing your favorite mom or personal story about being a mom, you (or the special mom in your post) will be entered to win a photography experience with Johnstone Studios. We want to honor all moms by sharing their stories with our community and give one lucky mom a special session with her family! Stories may be personal, heartwarming, funny, inspiring, or otherwise creative. We look forward to reading all about moms and sharing these amazing experiences here in our little slice of the web. 

Please share our Mother’s Day photography giveaway with your friends and if you mention this on Facebook or Twitter, you will get bonus points!

For any questions related to this giveaway, please call the studio directly at 775.722.8647
Entries are accepted: April 29th- May 9th. The winner will be announced on Sunday, May 11th and we will surprise them with their Mother’s Day Portrait Session with Johnstone Studios.
Prize Package will include a portrait experience with Johnstone Studios and will be announced to the winning entry on May 11th. May not be redeemed for cash or combined with other offers. Rewards, terms, conditions and certain restrictions may apply or change without notice. 

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Portrait Session Giveaway

  1. I am a mother, photographer, wife, juggler, comedian, literacy teacher, mediator, organizer, taxi cab driver, life coach, social calendar expert, and all around creative genius. At least in the eyes of my children…
    I love that my girls are finally all old enough to tell me they love me, as they give me bigs hugs in the morning. It is both heartbreaking and heartwarming when I have to go to work or leave for an early morning photo session and they cling to my legs and tell me not to go.
    My oldest is both amazing and challenging (already at 7 years old) all at the same time. One moment I can see her wanting to be so mature and grow up and take charge of her own life, but at the same time, I catch her wanting to be snuggled and taken care of like the little girl she still is.
    My twins are maturing and growing so much. They are finally overcoming those moments that seemed to end with a breakdown or outright crying fit. Now, they are able to handle and communicate their emotions.
    They are all so fun (and challenging at times). I love being a mother so much and know these moments, good and bad, are so fleeting. While the challenges associated with raising 3 young children seem overwhelming at time, the day to day life moments are what make me tick. They give me the power and strength to keep washing and folding laundry, to keep cooking dinners that don’t get eaten, and to keep up with the constant chaos of motherhood.
    Being a mother is my most powerful accomplishment in life. It is so amazing to be unconditionally loved by these three little birds… and to call them mine.

  2. I’m a busy Mommy of two, a six year old and a four year old, and as much as I would love to share my own personal Motherhood stories (and boy do I have some fun ones!) my story is bragging about my own Mom.

    My Mom has ALWAYS put my brother and I first and sacrificed all she had for us. This past year she decided to follow her heart and move to California to be with her love, which was an extremely difficult decision for her to make in that she would be leaving behind my children (whom she’s nuts over!) and myself (we have an amazing friendship). I was upset about it, but she deserves to be happy, so away she went. Not even a week after she moved my father passed away, it was very sudden and shook up my life big time. My Mom was there by my side immediately to help me through my Father’s passing. She spent the two and a half weeks following at our house to be with me and to help care for our children, not to mention putting her new life on hold to (once again) put me first. She did everything she could possibly do to help me through it, and nine months later, she still drops everything and makes the 6.5 hr drive to be there for me when I need her. I appreciate so much all she has done for us throughout the years, but especially how she’s been there for me through (the most difficult thing I’ve ever experienced) this past year.

    I love and admire my Mom so much and am so proud of her. She has been a huge inspiration in my life, and I’ve learned how to parent and be there for my own kids through my Mom. I would love nothing more then a Mother-Daughter portrait session with her, because (as I’ve unfortunately found out this past year) life throws curve balls, and you need to cherish the special people in your life and keep those memories close to your heart. (Not to mention we haven’t had a portrait session together since “cover shots” in 1990, ha ha!) Thank you Johnstone Studios for the opportunity! I look forward to reading these Motherhood stories! :)

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